Bmac's primary field of service is providing advanced technical support for Macintosh users.

Our vision is to function as a service center providing professional solutions for all issues related to Macintosh computers, to business and individual clients.

Bmac's strategic plan is to expand our business activity in order to contribute to the growing market of Macintosh users in Israel.

Bmac has concentrated its financial and professional resources into a joint effort whose primary goal is to serve customers by responding to their needs and translating them into the best service and solutions possible.

Our wish is to give our customers a high level of satisfaction with their service, as well as to increase our proficiency and ability to offer any solution regarding the Macintosh operating system and peripheral equipment.

In order to support the needs of our clients and meet our own goals, we provide consultancy and design custom solutions, tailor-made and implemented in a Macintosh environment. We provide comprehensive training and one-on-one guidance for our users. Our projects are accompanied by continuous support, from the moment of contact to implementation.

Our service map is wide and includes any Macintosh-related issue. Our response is quick and effective.

With over 12 years of experience serving the market's leading companies, we undertake any combination of projects including Macintosh, PC, Linux, Workstation, and server management, leading to great results.